• Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle

Wildegg Castle

Wildegg, AG
  • Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle
  • Wildegg Castle
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Wildegg Castle - a Baroque castle and garden experience

The Baroque castle towers majestically over the surrounding landscape. The castle with its gardens, vineyards, farm and outlying buildings constitutes a well-preserved Baroque estate – an architectural rarity. For eleven generations it was home to the patrician von Effinger family. Learn more about the traditions and culture of the time, its horticulture and even the lives and work of the servants on the aristocratic estate.

Wildegg Castle, a Baroque estate

Resting on a green hill surrounded by fields and forests, Wildegg Castle offers its visitors the chance to meet the von Effinger family and experience the charms of an aristocratic estate. In addition to exploring the castle, which has been remodelled multiple times during its long history, visitors can stroll through the terrace gardens and discover rare plants and flowers. The courtyard with its merrily burbling fountain entices visitors to take a short break in the shade or enjoy a snack in the castle's restaurant, located in an 18th century building. The former holdings of the von Effinger family, including a rose garden, forest and a farm give some insights into the challenges of managing a large estate.

A traditional aristocratic estate

Originally Wildegg Castle served as a residence for the service gentry of the 13th century Habsburg territory, until it was annexed by Bern during the conquest of 1415, even though it had never officially been put to siege or conquered. In 1483 it was sold to Kaspar Effinger, a nobleman from Brugg, whose family inhabited the castle estate until 1912. The von Effinger family rose in the ranks of Bern’s ruling class and in around 1700 Bernhard von Effinger oversaw major reconstruction work at the castle. He established the gardens and had the castle renovated in the Baroque style. During the 18th and 19th centuries the family preferred to live in the newer buildings in the courtyard. In 1912 Julie von Effinger, the last of the von Effinger family, bequeathed the castle to the Swiss National Museum. Since then it has been used as a museum. In 1938 and again in 2007 the Swiss Federal authorities had the caste lavishly renovated and in 2011 gave it to Canton Aargau and the Museum Aargau.

In touch with history

The rooms are mainly furnished with original pieces from different periods owned by the von Effinger family, allowing visitors to travel through time from the 17th to the 19th centuries, i.e. from the Baroque period to the Belle Epoque. A variety of events, special exhibitions and guided tours bring this historical location back to life. Workshops and special offers for groups provide an exclusive insight into different aspects of the castle's history.

Experiencing horticulture

Wildegg Castle is most famous for its fantastic gardens, which introduce visitors to the horticultural traditions of the past. In collaboration with "ProSecieRara" many rare and ancient species of plants are cultivated in the castle's gardens. Visitors can learn about different useful plants in the kitchen garden, and even gain some hands-on experience on their use in the kitchen during a workshop. Small pavilions in the garden offer places to rest and enjoy the pleasant scent of roses and tulips.

opening hours

From 29 March to 3 November 2024:

Monday: closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-5pm



Individual visitors

Castle museum, gardens and courtyard:

  • Adults: CHF 14
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 10
  • Children (6 to 16 years): CHF 8
  • Family ticket A (2 adults + max. 5 children): CHF 35
  • Family ticket B (1 adult + max. 5 children): CHF 25

Gardens and courtyard:

  • Adults: CHF 7.50
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 7
  • Children (6 to 16 years): CHF 2.50
  • Season ticket: CHF 30.-

Groups (as from 10 people) 

Castle museum, gardens and courtyard:

  • Adults: CHF 10
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 8
  • Children (6 to 16 years): CHF 4
  • School classes: CHF 4  

Gardens and courtyard:

  • Adults: CHF 6.50
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 6
  • Children (6 to 16 years): CHF 2

Free Entrance

  • Swiss Museum Pass
  • Museums-PASS-Musées
  • Raiffeisen Cards
visitor information

Picnic areas around the Castle.

Dogs are not allowed in the inside of the castle. Dog kennels available in front of the Castle.

The courtyard and bistro are wheelchair accessible.


On site

The bistro offers snacks, coffee and cakes.


  • Restaurant Aarehof, Wildegg
  • Restaurant Bären, Wildegg

By public transport

  • By rail to Wildegg, then by bus to the bus station "Schloss Wildegg" and a 6 minutes walk to the castle.
  • By rail to Wildegg, 6 minutes walk to the castle.

By car

  • A1 motorway from Bern: exit Lenzburg – Niederlenz – Wildegg – Schloss (castle)
  • A1 motorway from Zurich: exit Mägenwil – Brunegg – Möriken – Schloss (castle)
  • A3 motorway from Basel: exit Brugg/Windisch – Birr – Brunegg – Möriken – Schloss (castle)

Parking lots at the castle's farm.

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Go hiking along the Habsburg Trail from Wildegg to Habsburg or from Brugg to Habsburg. Cycle paths along the River Aare from Brugg.

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