The Swiss castles celebrate their anniversary

Media release 22 April 2024

8th Swiss Castle Day - Animals and Legendary Creatures

Media release 18 September 2023


The castles set a new record

Media release 23 May 2023


7th Swiss Castle Day: "Essen! Manger! Mangiare!"

Media release 19 September 2022


6th Swiss Castle Day: "Frauen in den Schweizer Schlössern"

Media release 28 September 2021


5th Swiss Castle Day: "Hereinspaziert! Entrez! Entrate!"

Media release 30 September 2020


Record number of visitors at the 4th Swiss Castle Day

Media release from 7 October 2019


4th Swiss Castle Day: «Spielen! Jouer! Giocare!»

Media release of 26 September 2019 on the 4th Swiss Castles Day


3rd Swiss Castle Day a resounding success

Media release from 9 October 2018


THE SWISS CASTLES invite you to the second Swiss Castle Day on Sunday, 1 October.

Media release 19 September 2017


Marco Castellaneta is the new President of The Swiss Castles


Media release 2 October 2017


On to the Swiss castles!

Media release 20. september 2016

Erster Schweizer Schlössertag


Founding of a national association

Media release 25 June 2016:

17 Schweizer Schlösser arbeiten künftig enger zusammen

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