• Schloss Lenzburg
  • Schloss Lenzburg
  • Schloss Lenzburg
  • Schloss Lenzburg
  • Schloss Lenzburg

Schloss Lenzburg

Lenzburg, AG
  • Schloss Lenzburg
  • Schloss Lenzburg
  • Schloss Lenzburg
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Lenzburg Castle – castle of knights and dragons

Towering on a cliff above the eponymous town Lenzburg Castle is one of the most beautiful hilltop castles in Switzerland. The castle complex still standing today was built over a period of approximately 900 years. During this time it served as a residence of counts and bailiffs from Bern as well as being the private home of a wealthy American family. Visitors crossing the drawbridge and entering the courtyard through the castle's wooden gate immerse themselves in its 1000-year long history.

Castle life between 1415 and 1956

The museum illustrates the lives and times of the castle’s inhabitants from the times of the Bernese bailiffs during the Late Middle Ages, to the Renaissance and Baroque periods and eventually the lavish lifestyles enjoyed by the castle's private owners around 1900. Projections and audio installations describe the daily lives of the castle's former inhabitants.

Knights and nobles

From the 11th to the 15th centuries three aristocratic dynasties lived at Lenzburg Castle, the Lenzburgs, the Kyburgs and the Habsburgs. The newly opened knights’ exhibition features shadow films introducing visitors to the lives and times of select members of these three families. A knight’s lifestyle focused almost entirely on conflicts and power structures as well as courtly culture and the Christian faith. By exploring its rooms, visitors can learn more about the castle's former inhabitants.

The historical workshop

In the museum’s historical workshop visitors can learn what it meant to be a knight or weigh out the punishment for different crimes in early post-medieval times on the scales of justice. Learn more about the historical reality of life as one of the castle’s bailiffs or as one of the criminals who were once incarcerated here.

The children’s museum and the castle's dragon "Fauchi"

Which child would not want to live in a castle, be a knight or a princess? In our kids' corner children can dress up, do arts and crafts and discover the castle's hidden corners. In the dragon research centre they can learn more about the characteristics of dragons, and those who are brave enough can even meet the legendary dragon "Fauchi"!

Living history in its original setting

A wide range of events, guided tours, workshops and demonstrations of old crafts breathe new life into the castle’s ancient stones and a variety of cultural events such as the medieval market are popular tourist attractions.

opening hours



Öffnungszeiten ab 1. April 2021:

1. April bis 31. Oktober 2021

Dienstag bis Sonntag und allgemeine Feiertage: 10 bis 17 Uhr

Montag* geschlossen
Geschlossen am jeweils zweiten Freitag im Juli (Lenzburger Jugendfest).
* Pfingstmong, Ostermontag: 10 bis 17 Uhr



Museum, Hof und Café:

  • Erwachsene: CHF 14.-
  • Berufslernende und Studierende (bis 26 Jahre): CHF 10.-
  • Kinder (4-16 Jahre): CHF 8.-
  • Familienticket A (2 Erwachsene + max. 5 Kinder): CHF 35.-
  • Familienticket B (1 Erwachsene/r + max. 5 Kinder): CHF 25.-    

Schlosshof und Café:

  • Erwachsene: CHF 5.-
  • Berufslernende und Studierende (bis 26 Jahre): CHF 4.50
  • Kinder (4-16 Jahre): CHF 2.50


Museum, Hof und Café:

  • Erwachsene: CHF 10.-
  • Berufslernende und Studierende (bis 26 Jahre): CHF 8.-
  • Kinder (4-16 Jahre): CHF 4.-
  • Schulklassen: CHF 4.-   

Schlosshof und Café:

  • Erwachsene: CHF 3.50
  • Berufslernende und Studierende (bis 26 Jahre): CHF 3.-
  • Kinder (4-16 Jahre): CHF 1.50

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  • Mitglieder des Vereins "Freunde der Lenzburg"
visitor information

Picknickplätze rund ums Schloss.

Hunde sind in der Schlossanlage nicht erlaubt.

Hof und Schlosscafé sind rollstuhlgängig.


Vor Ort

Schlosscafé für Snacks / Kaffee und Kuchen

In der Nähe

  • Hotel Krone, Lenzburg
  • Hotel Ochsen, Lenzburg

Mit der Bahn nach Lenzburg, Bus bis Schlossparkplatz oder zu Fuss (25 Min.).

Parkplätze vor dem Schloss verfügbar.

Anreise mit Google Maps


Wandern von Lenzburg zum Hallwilersee, Veloweg dem Aabach entlang durch lauschige Wälder und über sonnige Felder nach Seengen und Hallwilersee (keine grossen Höhenunterschiede, ideal für Familienausflug).

Verschiedene Geschäfte in der verkehrsfreien Altstadt von Lenzburg, jeden Dienstag und Freitag Wochenmarkt in der Altstadt mit Frischprodukten aus der Region.


  • Hotel Krone, Lenzburg
  • Hotel Schifflände, Birrwil 
  • Hotel Seerose, Meisterschwanden
  • Jugendherberge Beinwil
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