• Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle

Hallwyl Castle

Seengen, AG
  • Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle
  • Hallwyl Castle
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Schloss Hallwyl – fascinating culture and natural beauty

Located in the Argovian Seetal Valley near Lake Hallwil you will find one of the most beautiful moated castles in Switzerland. The impressive castle complex, nestled into a beautiful landscape, stretches across three islands. Its idyllic castle courtyard is an ideal place for recreation and relaxation. The museum's exhibitions detail the castles history and its former residents, allowing visitors of all ages to travel through time and experience history in its original setting.

From keep to moated castle

During the late 12th century the Lords of Hallwyl built a keep in this strategic location. The keep's original megalithic stonework can still be seen and served as the foundation for the later castle complex. By raising up a second island, the original structure was expanded into a moated castle during the 14th century. Now encircled by a wall as well as a moat, Hallwyl castle had evolved from a humble keep into a fortified castle. Over the subsequent centuries, the castle went through multiple phases of alteration and expansion.

A museum tour through time

The permanent exhibitions bring to life the castle's 900-year history. Divided into eleven segments, it offers insight into the lives and times of its former residents, from the Middle Ages to the modern era. Select members of the Hallwyl family tell their stories along the way and give answers to the questions of how Hans von Hallwyl defeated Burgundy, why Franziska Romana hastily fled her parental home in Vienna or what exactly is hidden in Burkhard III’s laboratory. But it is not just the nobles whose voices are heard: visitors also meet the common people, the farmers and servants. At the mill visitors learn much about the hardships of the miller's daily life and the moans of the former prisoners can still be heard throughout the dungeons.

Experiencing history at its original location

A diverse programme of tours, workshops and demonstrations of ancient crafts breathe new life into the historical location. Additionally the castle is a popular venue for cultural events such as an open-air-opera or an open-air cinema.

Boating, hiking and cycling in the area

A visit to the castle is ideally combined with a boat tour on Lake Hallwyl or a hike along the varied and easily accessible trails around the castle. Along the Aabach stream a cycle path through sunny fields and lush forests connects Lenzburg to Seengen. (It is an easy cycle ideal for families).

opening hours

From 29 March to 3 November:

Monday: closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-5pm



Individual visitors

Castle museum, courtyard and cafe:

  • Adults: CHF 14
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 10
  • Children (6 to 16 years): CHF 8
  • Family ticket A (2 adults + max. 5 children): CHF 35
  • Family ticket B (1 adult + max. 5 children): CHF 25

Courtyard and cafe:

  • Adults: CHF 3
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 2.50
  • Children (6 to 16 years): free
  • Season ticket: CHF 10

Groups (as from 10 people) 

Castle museum, courtyard and cafe:

  • Adults: CHF 10
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 8
  • Children (6 to 16 years): CHF 4
  • School classes: CHF 4   

Courtyard and cafe:

  • Adults: CHF 2.50
  • Apprentices and students (up to 26 years): CHF 2
  • Children (6 to 16 years): free

Free Entrance

  • Swiss Museum Pass
  • Museums-PASS-Musées
  • Raiffeisen Cards
  • Members of the Assocation "Falken und Fisch"
visitor information

Picnic areas around the Castle.

Dogs are only allowed in the courtyard and bistro. 

The courtyard and bistro are wheelchair accessible.


On site

The bistro offers snacks, coffee and cakes.


  • Seerose Meisterschwanden
  • La Deliziosa, Boniswil
  • Schifflände, Birrwil

 by public transport

  • By bus (Regionalbus Lenzburg RBL) from Lenzburg to the bus station "Seengen, Schloss Hallwyl".
  • By ship on Lake Hallwil and a 10 minutes walk from the landing stage to the castle.
  • By a 15 minutes walk from the train station Boniswil-Seengen or a 10 minutes walk from the bus station "Seengen, Post"

by car

  • Hallwyl Castle is located between Boniswil and Seengen. From the A1 motorway exit in Lenzburg in a 10 minutes drive.

Parking lots are available. 

Google maps directions


Hiking around Lake Hallwil, bicycle track

along the Aabach stream through leafy woods and sunny fields to Lenzburg (no

significant differences in altitude, an ideal family outing).


  • Hotel Schifflände, Birrwil 
  • Youth hostel, Beinwil
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