• Frauenfeld Castle
  • Frauenfeld Castle
  • Frauenfeld Castle
  • Frauenfeld Castle
  • Frauenfeld Castle

Frauenfeld Castle

Frauenfeld, TG
  • Frauenfeld Castle
  • Frauenfeld Castle
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Frauenfeld Castle - a true emblem of the Thurgovian capital

For almost 800 years, Frauenfeld Castle has had pride of place at the heart of the Thurgovian capital, overlooking the river Murg.  Its venerable walls house the historic Museum of Thurgovia, a popular destination for culture lovers, adventurers of all kinds, history fans and families.  In a permanent exhibition, Frauenfeld Castle evokes a tense, even explosive period of history, between the Council of Constance in 1414 and the Reformation in 1517, during which Swabia and the Confederation fought over the region situated between Lake Constance and the Alps.  Fascinating dialogues between four fictitious inhabitants of the castle as well as sound and light installations appeal to all the senses and bring this era to life in an exciting way.    


History of Thurgovia in all its facets 

In Frauenfeld Castle, the doors open onto a panorama of the history of Thurgovia.  Over three floors, the public can view the transformation of the region, a medieval bailiwick which became a more complex, common bailiwick of the Confederation. 

The voyage through time begins in the armoury.  Inside the tower constructed from glacier rocks, the Middle Ages are brought back to life in a multimedia staging accessible to all ages.  Adrian, a fictitious inhabitant of the castle, tells us about his training as a knight and how his calling is threatened by mercenaries.  Archaeology fans as well as families and children will be impressed by the original archaeological objects, like the manuscript of a minnesang from Diessenhofen, the most ancient paper of the region, or a knight’s sword from the year 1300.       

The troubled period of the Reformation and the military operations of the Confederates are dealt with as you continue your castle visit.  Visitors learn how modern-day Thurgovia became a bone of contention between the great powers surrounding it.  Most of the magnificent works of art from Thurgovia’s monasteries and churches were destroyed then.  Only a few masterpieces like the Kreuzlingen Mitre could be saved and can be seen today in Frauenfeld Castle, where the public will be captivated by their beauty. 

opening hours

The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday:

from 1.00 to 5.00 pm


Free entry

visitor information

Picnic area is available on the castle terrace. 

The castle is not accessible by wheelchair. 



By train  :

The intercity Romanshorn-Genève stops in Frauenfeld, a 5-minute walk towards the old town

By car:

30 minutes from Zurich on the A1/A7 (sortie Frauenfeld-West) or 20 minutes from Constance on the A7 (sortie Frauenfeld-Ost) heading for the centre (Zentrum)

Parking spaces 
On Marktplatz or on Promenadenstrasse


How to find the castle with Google Maps


Adventures for young and old

  • “Ach, du Scheibe!” – A fun journey through the castle
    An innovative and humorous audio journey through the art of stained-glass windows from the XVI and XVII centuries.  A nostalgic, dreamlike and funny experience for visitors aged 12 and over.  More information on the stained-glass windows at: www.vitrosearch.ch
  • Leuli journey
    History of the town through a discovery booklet, from age 4 up
  • Kati and Sven puzzle kit
    Self-guided discovery of Frauenfeld Castle and its history, from age 9 up 
  • Smartphone game
    Digital treasure hunt from the armoury to the top of the keep of Frauenfeld Castle, from age 9 up        


Knight’s birthdays for little explorers 

  • Walter the knight’s trunk
    Lose yourself in the world of knights as a birthday treat, for 5-7 years olds   
  • Become a knight (boys and girls)
    Turn yourself into a knight and try on real armour, from age 8 up 


For companies, associations, groups of friends 

  • Teambuilding Event: medieval journey
    Intrepid adventurers and valiant explorers - solve puzzles together and discover different aspects of the Middle Ages in Frauenfeld Castle.
  • Escape Room. Save the abbess’s treasure! 
    The history of Thurgovia presented in a modern way.  A game with unexpected adventures in order to solve a crime, based on true historical events.        

More information and booking 

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