The Swiss Castles

We are a nationwide network of castles and fortresses based in Switzerland. Our historic sites have experienced centuries of history. We offer many different events and exhibitions, tours and stagings - tailored to fit each unique location and its guests.

We aim for our guests to experience our castles and fortresses as well as their surroundings in an interesting and entertaining way. Our doors are open to all visitors from near and far and we welcome all who wish to discover the diverse and fantastic castles of Switzerland, as tourist destinations, for recreation or as a learning experience.

Serving as monumental reminders of their periods, our castles provide unique insights into their history and enable our guests to achieve a more complete understanding of their own times and cultures. This is important, especially considering the fact that experiences which combine nature and culture are ever more popular in our modern technology-driven society, as a recent study by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute GDI has shown.

Swiss castles and fortresses are as unique as they are diverse. We offer reliable guidance in discovering the "Swiss castle experience" and develop common standards of quality. We strive to achieve environmental sustainability in all of our activities.

Our castles are nestled in the most beautiful surroundings: They sit high on hilltops, on picturesque shores or serve as their towns’ most famous landmarks. A castle visit is part of an overall experience - a stop on a hike, the destination of a boat tour or the highlight of a city tour.

The association is open to all castles and fortresses geared towards cultural tourism. We also welcome collaborations with new partners in tourism and business.

The association THE SWISS CASTLES was set up in September 2014 and currently counts 17 members representing 20 castles and fortresses from nine cantons and three language regions.

Members of the board are:

  • Marco Castellaneta, President, Director Museum Aargau
  • Filipe Dos Santos, Vice-President, Director Gruyères Castle
  • Juri Clericetti, Director Organizzazione turistica Regionale (OTR) Bellinzonese e alto Ticino
  • Daniel Furter, Director Museum Burgdorf Castle
  • Thomas Gnägi, Director Museums Werdenberg Castle


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The Swiss Castles
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