Each of the 25 Swiss Castles gives a fascinating insight into another age and tells stories that are centuries old. Historical re-enactments, exhibits on interesting themes and guided tours of these castles can bring the past back to life. We offer 25 unique sites where history was made at all levels - from the politics of the nobility to the daily lives of their servants. Our doors are open to anyone who is interested in exploring the fantastic variety of castles Switzerland has to offer, as a destination for an excursion, a place of recreation or an educational outing.


  • Thun Castle
    Thun Castle
    Thun, BE
  • Castle Kyburg
    Castle Kyburg
    Kyburg, ZH
  • Spiez Castle
    Spiez Castle
    Spiez, BE
  • Wildegg Castle
    Wildegg Castle
    Wildegg, AG
  • Habsburg Castle
    Habsburg Castle
    Habsburg, AG
  • Waldegg Castle
    Waldegg Castle
    Feldbrunnen-St. Niklaus, SO
  • Hallwyl Castle
    Hallwyl Castle
    Seengen, AG
  • The Fortress of Bellinzona
    The Fortress of Bellinzona
    Bellinzona, TI
  • Jegenstorf Castle
    Jegenstorf Castle
    Jegenstorf, BE
  • Heidegg Castle
    Heidegg Castle
    Gelfingen, LU
  • Castle of Gruyères
    Castle of Gruyères
    Gruyères, FR
  • Prangins Castle
    Prangins Castle
    Prangins, VD
  • Morges Castle
    Morges Castle
    Morges, VD
  • Oberhofen Castle
    Oberhofen Castle
    Oberhofen, BE
  • Werdenberg Castle
    Werdenberg Castle
    Werdenberg, SG
  • Grandson Castle
    Grandson Castle
    Grandson, VD
  • Zug Castle
    Zug Castle
    Zug, ZG
  • Landshut Castle
    Landshut Castle
    Utzenstorf, BE
  • Hünegg Castle
    Hünegg Castle
    Hilterfingen, BE
  • Burgdorf Castle
    Burgdorf Castle
    Burgdorf, BE
  • Castle of Yverdon
    Castle of Yverdon
    Yverdon-les-Bains, VD
  • Stockalper Palace Brig-Glis
    Stockalper Palace Brig-Glis
    Brig, VS
  • Romont Castle
    Romont Castle
    Romont, FR