In the 19th century, when the count and his family lived in the castle, recreation was a big part of day-to-day life. Concerts were held in the summer hall, guests played croquet in the park, family members gathered together for card games in the evening, and plays were performed at parties. The castle was a paradise for the count’s children: they were allowed to play in almost every room and even had a specially built play house in the park, which still exists today as the children’s chalet. On Castle Day we’ll be presenting some games that were popular in the count’s time.

Oberhofen Castle has a long tradition of play!

from 10 am
Role play in the masquerade's atelier: discover the castle dressed up as a princess, knight, ghost, count's daughter or a king.

12 midday
Gamesin the park and the children’s chalet: park activities only if the weather is fine

2 pm
Games the count’s children played: family guided tour of the castle

From 3 pm
Role play in the dressing-up workshop: explore the castle dressed as a princess, knight, ghost, the count’s daughter or a king.

From 3 pm
Rediscovering old games: try your hand at card games, dice games and parlour games from days gone by.

Play area in front of the castle, games and picnic area under the lime trees in the park.
During museum opening hours: mouse hunt in the castle (2nd floor) and fairy tales (1st floor)

10 - 17 Uhr

Erwachsene CHF 10.–
Kinder 6–16 Jahre CHF 2.–

Play! Spielen! Jouer! Giocare!