Since 2014, Olivier Vogelsang has been assiduously roaming the aisles of salons and international trade fairs in search of exhibitors and their visitors. Gleaming stands, smiling hostesses, enthusiastic demonstrators and extraordinary products garishly resplendent in the spotlight supply the ephemeral backdrop for colourful encounters. Focusing his perceptive eye on worlds that are often polar opposites, the Geneva-based photographer has captured a series of sensitive and quirky snapshots of these grand events, these “high masses” celebrated each year by thousands of enthusiasts and passing onlookers.

While working as a press photographer for more than 25 years, Olivier Vogelsang has also conducted a number of photographic investigations into topics such as populations in the context of war, territorial enclaves, and the contrasting faces of Switzerland. For the second edition of Photo Esplanade, the open-air photography meet at Gruyères Castle, he is unveiling his new project, entitled Grand-messe.