Time for a huge period feast at Chillon!

In honour of medieval feasts, Chillon is hosting “Mouthwatering - Eating and drinking in the Middle Ages”! Where museum meets theatre for a vibrant treat for the eyes and your taste buds… Yum!

A group of costumed interpreters - Compagnie des 4 Lunes - will bring one of the castle’s formal great halls to life. These flamboyant characters will interact with the public over a festive old-fashioned banquet. Visitors will be offered tempting bites to eat, for a taste of the medieval flavours on show in our current temporary exhibition. They will also get chance to uncover medieval cooking methods, right in front a magnificent 14th-century fireplace.

Fun childrens trail
Armed with a map of the castle, all small adults – as they would have been classed in the Middle Ages – will set off on a quest for extraordinary encounters. Brave men and fine ladies will help them find the right ingredients to crack a delicious code…

Special Sunday Tours
The Duke of Savoy, Anne of Cyprus, a priest, a lady knight, a squire and a chambermaid will take you on a special tour of the castle’s hidden corners. They will reveal their food secrets to you and your family. It’s sure to make your mouth water…
- 2:00pm in German
- 3:00pm in French
- 4:00pm in English

Additional morning guided tours (timetable TBC).

In the prestigious Aula Magna room, Xavier Jeanneret will be cooking dishes inspired by recipes from Master Chiquart (master chef to Amadeus, the VIII Duke of Savoy) to tickle your taste buds.
You can also uncover culinary-themed objects from the past, such as fireplaces for concocting delicious dishes in cauldrons, or for roasting large cuts of meat; François Chiquart’s famous recipe book; or even a comfortable room with a canopy bed where you can properly digest your feast fit for a king.

Children aged 6+: 6 CHF
Adults: 15 CHF
Families: 35 CHF

Presale and booking possible via Chillon online ticket office!