What do Spiez and Werdenberg have in common? Both locations have a castle that rises above a lake. Of course, there is little to compare the two lakes, since Spiez is located on the famous Lake Thun, whereas Werdenberg is situated on a small lake in the Rhine Valley. Both, however, started off as medieval castles.

The assemblage of castle and church at Spiez could not be more picturesque, whilst Werdenberg is a small medieval town at the foot of the castle rock that with the castle as its prominent feature gives an idealistic representation of a time that has long since passed.

Both locations, however, exist in the present and are open to visitors, particularly those who enjoy a puzzle. Five objects from Werdenberg and five from Spiez will be smuggled into each other’s exhibitions on Swiss Castle Day.

Who will spot the out-of-place objects? Once you have filled out your competition form, you can take a special tour, in Werdenberg with a delegation from Spiez and vice versa, where the mystery will be solved. A puzzle and competition for younger and older visitors, from 6 years of age upwards






Details of the programme:

What objects can tell us / 2 pm

Find out more about Werdenberg Castle and its stories from objects that have travelled here: a special guided tour by the Werdenberg delegation / in collaboration with Werdenberg Castle SG and the Swiss Castles Association.