Cabinet exhibition about the architect Theodor Zeerleder (1820 - 1868), who designed 161 years ago, by order of Albert de Pourtalès, the oriental smoking room.

The Oriental smoking room (Selamlik) at Oberhofen Castle was designed by the Bernese architect Theodor Zeerleder (1820 – 1868), based on drawings and watercolours created during his sojourns in the Orient and accomplished in 1855. This is the first time that an international public is be able to see his architectural
sketches and diaries.

In Oberhofen, the architect created one of Switzerland’s most spectuacular interiors. Zeerleder was quite an obscure figure even in his home city of Bern and was able to realise only a few of his architectural projects. One oft hem is his recreation of a Cairene reception room on the top floor of Oberhofen’s Medieval castle keep. Commissioned by Count Albert de Pourtalès (1812 – 1861), another Orient enthusiast, Zeerleder’s design was based on architectural sketches created duringhis two sojourns in Cairo in 1847 – 1848 and 1849 – 1850.